"FTP Error (as admin)" from Zyro

When first trying to publish your website through the Zyro website builder, you may encounter the following error:

FTP Error (as admin)

This error occurs when you logged in to cPanel by clicking the "Login to cPanel" button from the client area. While this works fine for most functions, Zyro requires you to login manually at https://pan.boxsecured.com:2083. You can find the username and password for it in the e-mail which was sent to you when your account was created.

If you don't have access to that e-mail anymore, you can find your account username in cPanel and reset your password for cPanel through the Change Password section in your client area. To find your own account username with the Paper Lantern theme, you need to go to the User Manager by clicking the related icon in the sidebar, where you will find the username. When using the x3 theme, you can simply see your account username in the sidebar.
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